PAP+ whitening strips

Now even more effective than ever. The natural and most innovative teeth whitener in the Netherlands & Belgium. Up to 7 shades whiter teeth.

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The best for your smile

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  • Also for sensitive teeth

    Our selected ingredients make it suitable for sensitive teeth and gums.

  • Animal testing free

    We love and respect animals.

  • Vegan

    Vegan is an important spearhead for us.

  • Fast result

    SmileVegan enables fast results through a unique composition of ingredients.

White smile? Yes, Please!

SmileVegan's results are based, among other things, on reports from recognized studies. (Like National Library of Medicine)

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Highlights from the report

  • without hydrogen peroxide has immediate significant whitening effects.

  • studies showed that single-use bleaching with a (PAP+) bleaching agent provided significant initial whitening

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✅ Kom te weten wat je niet moet doen om je tanden wit te houden

Tips & Tricks: wat je wel moet doen plaats van die 'ene' verkeerde keuze

✅ Waarom worden je tanden geler, minder wit, hoe zit dat?

✅ Het verkrijgen van witte tanden

Voorbeelden van van wat je wel moet doen

✅ Hoe je je tanden goed blijft onderhouden voor mooie glimlach

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Frequently asked Questions

Is SmileVegan safe?

Yes, our product is 100% safe and approved by a reputable dentist. In addition, our product is natural, animal-friendly and vegan. You can use the product whenever and as often as you want.

How often should I use it?

You will see the first result after the first session. This way you already have whiter teeth in 30 minutes. Most of our clients see visible results after one or two sessions.

Do I have to use all strips at once?

No, our SmileVegan Whitening Strips are individually packaged. So you can use them whenever you want and choose how often you want to use them.

How often can I use the SmileVegan Whitening Strips?

Very simple: whenever you want and how often you want. It is as safe as brushing your teeth.

Are the comics Vegan?

The comics are vegan. However, this does not mean that the strips are edible. The strips are made from natural products that are not harmful to the teeth.

How long does the shipment take?

We ship your order directly from the Netherlands. Ordered on working days before 22:00? Is delivered free of charge the next day.