Wat zijn oorzaken van verkleurde tanden?

What are causes of discolored teeth?

Discolored teeth, nobody really wants that. You can, of course, reduce it or avoid it altogether.

The saying "It is better to prevent than to cure" is therefore true in this case, if you adjust drinking / eating behavior it can ensure that the discoloration is much slower or counteracted.

We at SmileVegan have sorted it out for you.

you may not realize it, but our diet has a direct influence on the color of our teeth. The surface of the tooth enamel comes into direct contact with food and drink, your tooth enamel is slightly porous. On top of that, if the drinks are acidic or eaten with other acidic foods, the acidity will weaken your tooth enamel, making it more porous and more vulnerable to staining.

It is therefore logical that our teeth do not discolour over time.


These are the biggest culprits of our teeth


  • Coffee: Coffee is the number one culprit when it comes to discoloring your teeth. Coffee stains on teeth are relatively common among all coffee lovers who drink at least one cup a day.

  • Cigarettes: Tobacco is one of the leading causes of yellow stains on teeth.


  • Tea: Yes, tea can stain teeth. Tea gradually browns your teeth just like coffee does.


  • Red wine: Red wine is an acidic drink and is known for staining textiles and furniture, as well as our teeth. Regular drinking of red wine can cause dark stains on your teeth


  • Berries: Think blueberries, blueberries, cherries and raspberries. Delicious to eat and certainly healthy, but unfortunately they also cause discoloration of your teeth. In this case, after eating berries, be sure to rinse your mouth well with water.


  • Soda: Both regular soda and sugar-free soda are bad for your teeth. Sugar-free soft drinks contain citric acid and phosphoric acid, which affect your enamel even more than the sugar. The same goes for brightly colored sports drinks, which also contain dyes that affect your teeth. 4 tips against discoloration on teeth.


  • Sauces: Tomato sauce, curry sauce, soy sauce and sweet soy sauce are all strong colored sauces that can stain your teeth. Tomato sauce has a high acidity and affects your tooth enamel, for example. With sauces, remember that all sauces that stain white clothing or tablecloths will also stain your teeth. So rinse well with water after eating and make sure you don't eat dishes with sauces all day long.


  • Colored candies: Candies are not only bad for your teeth, but bad for your overall health. They are full of sugars that attack your tooth enamel and contain dyes that remain on your teeth. And especially the sweets that you have to chew for a long time and that you have in your mouth for a long time. And don't forget the cheerfully colored ice creams. They are also full of dyes that significantly affect the color of your teeth.


After reading the blog, we hope that you have become a little wiser about what causes you to get yellow teeth, of course we will tell you what to do about it, you can read that in this blog.

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